Process oriented work in:

  • Consultation
  • Coaching/Facilitating
  • Supervision
  • Conflict Resolution




In the 1970s, Arnold Mindell, a C. G. Jung's teaching analyst and physicist, discovered the connection between body symptoms and nightdreams and created a process-oriented model called Dreambodywork. In the following decades of application and research, processwork developed into an awareness practice for individual and collective change.


The multidimensional model combines approaches from transpersonal psychology, modern physics and systems theory, Buddhism, Taoism, psychosomatics, and trauma therapy.  Nowadays, process-oriented work can be found in counselling, coaching, and supervision; in conflict work, in working with teams, organisations, communities, and with social areas of tension.


Processwork at PWI Portland includes internally the area of the 1st training (certificate and diploma) and the continuing area of the 2nd training (certificate). An essential goal of this work is to develop the creative potential of people and communities in a resource-oriented way and to integrate challenging, conflict-laden impulses in the process.


Essencework includes methods of the 2nd training, sentient awareness, and further developments from my own research and practice.