About me

I´m offering you:

Individual appointments for individuals, couples and small groups in the morning, afternoon and evening areas


Standard session: 75 min/60-100€ for individuals*
Discounts for couples and small groups*

For groups, companies and organizations


I would be happy to come to you and get a first impression on site!
Seminar day (approx. 6 hours): 90-150 € per participant + travel expenses*.

Online: You can reach me for consultations via Skype and Zoom.


On request I will send you the corresponding address/link by e-mail.
Standard session online: 60 min/50-90€ for individuals*
Discounts for couples and small groups*


Online seminars via zoom


Seminar day (approx. 6 hours): 90-150 € per participant*

*Time frame and fees can be agreed individually.
There is flexibility and a social differentiation.


Just have the courage to ask!

My education and professional activity:


I am a professional musician (viola) with education at the UdK Berlin, Rice University/Houston and Indiana School of Music/Bloomington.


For 20 years, I have been giving seminars in the field of healing energy and consciousness.


I am a certified processworker in 1st and 2nd training (Dipl. processoriented psychology, Processwork Institute/Portland/USA) and member of IAPOP, international association for process-oriented psychology).


I have been working for many years with individuals, couples, groups and organizations in both private and professional environments


The working method, Essencework, includes an effective integration of energy work, training of consciousness and process-oriented psychology.




The work is flexibly aligned to the needs of  my


Furthermore, I have attended certified advanced

training courses in "family and business mediation"

(MSB Mediation Academy/Glattbach)

and as a trainer for "bonding and touch"                 

(Tara Sattva Academy/Cologne).


The form of the innovative Coaching/Facilitating

has proven to be particularly helpful due to many

years of experience in working with people.

The potential possibilities of my clients and their

personal sometimes hidden wisdom are the focus

of the work.


The Essencework has developed from many years

of own research and practice on the basis of an

intensive training in processwork at

PWI Portland/USA and Zurich/Switzerland.




Personal environment:


My place of residence in Bad Gandersheim / Heckenbeck offers excellent conditions for a job in the field of coaching / facilitation.


Seminar rooms are available in the village and in the environment are therapists and naturopaths for meaningful networking.


Heckenbeck is an innovative village, which became known all over Germany by a broadcast documentary in the NDR, "a village that makes happy".