Innovative Coaching / Facilitating

In the private & everyday Environment

People are "stories on two legs".

Together, we explore the structures of the past from which their present situation has emerged.

We work spontaneously with impulses that want to show themselves at the moment.

Further, we explore their sustainability. We examine tendencies, dreams and visions, beliefs, and your current ability to change points of view.

Problems and conflicts are worked on and their hidden potential is integrated.

You develop a "third perspective" that transforms polar points of view.


So your life comes back into flow!



In the professional Environment

Do you want to optimize the efficiency of your company and at the same time provide a more harmonious, more human environment?

Is each of your employees in the right place?


Your company behaves like a living organism.

We clarify dependencies and sensitivities, solve problems, and search for a concrete connection to the values and visions of the organization.

Together, as appropriate, we also highlight the open and hidden artificial hierarchies that hinder the flow of productivity and creativity.


Good common energy leads to a good end-product!


Personal development:


Together with the client I develop a special form of meditation in which all perceptions, impulses, and signals are attentively followed.


I pay special attention to things that seem strange and unpleasant.

Instead of fading out and diminishing irritations, innovative coaching/facilitating creates a space for creativity and flexibility in dealing with personal obstacles.


Meditation becomes a process in which the client experiences his or her greatest inner wisdom (essence), gets to know the power (processenergy) with which she can overcome obstacles and perceive irritations as development potential.



Conflict resolution:

Conflicts reflect how we deal with relationships of all kinds. How high is my willingness to conflict, my potential to deal with a conflict?


Essencework in particular helps to create resources

that facilitate stress management.

The client learns to recognize conflicts within herself or himself and to communicate them. This creates transparency and mutual understanding in a crisis situation.

The essence, the message of the conflict is researched together also with couples and groups.

This is a special form of mediation that does not end in questionable compromises.



Process-oriented work with our perception and our body creates a new form of coherence/congruence, a well-being that subjectively feels light and harmonious.

This releases energy flows in the body that were previously blocked by internal obstacles and external conflicts. A self-regulation takes place, which can initiate deep processes of healing.


Emotion, body, and mind come back into balance. This form of energywork can unfold when a practitioner places a hand on the client and follows the process that unfolds.  


The touch gives the client a deeper access to his*her inner world.


Inner power places unfold and help the client to resolve conflicts that have manifested themselves in body symptoms.


Touch work is only used with the client's explicit consent.


Deepening relationship:

The quality of our lives is determined by how we relate to our inner and outer world.     


We are often not aware of the way we communicate. It also happens without words in signals and so-called double-signals, which we do not perceive.


In an awareness training the client learns to develop mindfulness for his*her communication.

Coherence develops inside and thus more trust also outside, a deepening of the relationship takes place.


Couples and groups wander from the surface of their perception to the deeper levels of feelings, inner images, and movements, and often get to know their common essence, their primordial ground.


This is experienced as a new kind of bonding and increases compassion even in challenging situations.