The Edge:


"Befriending spiders:

Corona and unpredictable fields"


Essay by Peter Mascher


 Released 6th of Oktober




DreamingRocks-Journeys on the Inner Mountain


With the development of Essencework, a daughter of Processwork, Peter Mascher has refined a new method to work with disturbances and conflicts for personal integration, inner peace, and also for resolution of relationship and world conflicts.


 As outlined in his book, Peter’s method leads into the “art of not doing,” where the processmind or “IT” leads you through the process. 

He moves us from seeing our separateness from events in this world, and our suffering from diverse symptoms, into the world of flirts from essence that richly inform us about oneness and the deeper meaning of our human experience.


New release in autumn 2022

Online autumn 2022:


Seedplanters - Back to the Roots


an introduction to essencework