Processwork & Essencework




creative solutions in everyday life, partnership, family and career



Potential development, conflict consulting, crisis management,

 awareness training, energy work


      Every human carries a seed.

      When the seed falls on fertile ground,

      life unfolds in all its fullness.


The Idea

The seed and the planters carry the core of my intentions:

I see our society as a garden.

By creating innovative ideas and

new perspectives for the future,

awareness and strength for change are promoted.

 Social development begins in the individual and

continues to grow in groups and organisations.

Corona-what to do?



Do you feel insecure?
Are you worried about your health?
Do you worry about your future?



"In these challenging times we feel at the mercy of many events and feel a loss of control.

It seems that we no longer have our lives completely in our own hands.

Fears and worries worsen our mental and physical well-being!"


Get to know practical exercises and behaviors that will give you more understanding and insight into your personal situation!

I offer you a professional and at the same time warm and compassionate consultation!


In person, online or by phone
The first information consultation is free of charge!

The Topics of my Work:



invites engaging spontaneously and creatively with your own experience, as it draws from your own seeing, hearing, feeling, and acting.


More specifically, areas are covered that may lie outside your current perception and which lead to disturbances and inhibitions in the everyday, as well as in your personal emotional experience.



Such processing and integration leads to a rounder, more harmonious and holistic perception of one's own personality.



unfolds your very personal wisdom on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


You work benevolently and attentively with impulses in seeing, hearing, feeling, and acting that lead you into your own power.      


The fertile ground, your personal essence, is the space in which in which problems, conflicts, and crises are addressed, and new solutions are found. 







Innovatives Coaching / Facilitating


supports you in:


  • finding your potential impulse for a new development.



  • providing a fertile, supportive space within you, as well as outside.




My areas of experience and work

  • Meditation, self-discovery, change of personal identifications
  • Development of visions for new action
  • Body symptoms and pain management
  • Blockades in creative fields, talent development                                                             (music, dance, theatre and fine arts)
  • Mediation of crises and conflicts in a partnership, family, and professional environment
  • Anxiety management, working with traumatic experiences, sleep disorders
  • Work with young people, school problems,  and family environment
  • Accompaniment of chronic diseases,              mental well-being
  • Conflicts in groups and communities


  • relationships,couple dynamics and sexuality
  • Stage presence for professional musicians, dancers and actors
  • Optimization of movement sequences and energy management for musicians and athletes in the amateur and professional sector
  • Working with altered states of consciousness such as depression, autism, dementia,    bipolar disorder
  • Supporting older people in issues such as coping with everyday life and loneliness
  • Transformation and restructuring in professional organisations
  • Processing of historical themes and collective traumas
  • Communication training                                  (congruence & transparency)